Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Ruins

On my way to my grandma's house I have to pass by the ruins of "St. Haralambie" church (yes, near a forest, too) which had been built in 1818 and whose mysteries are yet to be revealed. This is one of the things tourmenting my curiousity as a child and was a central place to many stories I was creating in my childhood and teens.

dandelion fields
stirring imagination -
dubious riuns

mysteries hidden -
the pass of time will deepen

stories writing place -
playing with ghosts from the past,
rewriting the truth

After more than 2 decades fantasizing about the ruins and inventing stories, about 2 years ago I've researched it and I haven't found more than the name of the church and the year of the construction. So, my mind still creates scenaries and scenarios around it. I could imagine a ghotic novel around this mystery (1st draft almost ready - boxed in autumn - why haven't God offered me the gift of finishing up everything?)

April 20th - music/musical instrument

late-April evening -
cicada's sad violin
telling his story

Carpe Diem
April 20th - Abraham (wisdom)

halfway through his life,
contemplating what has been -
ready for future

his speech,
like never before -
a lesson


  1. Ruins sure are amazing to look at with all the history.

  2. Beautiful post Adriana what a wonderfull series on that wonderous ruine. And the ßet. On Abraham is really full of spirituality. Thank you for sharing and your birthday wishes.

  3. I'm also a pro photographer, so I'd be snapping photos as well as writing. Beautiful old ruins.

  4. Love those photos - and I know what you mean about how inspirational they are. For me, being in Turkey was the most awe-inspiring of all, apart from a Greek island where I saw prehistoric ruins.

  5. Seems like a perfect setting for a Gothic novel. -Belinda.

  6. I liked these pictures very much! Ruins have always fascinated me through their history.

  7. Those ruins seem to call out to be written about! Stopping by and following you via the challenge...follow back if you like

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  8. Wow those ruins are beautiful. I can definitely see the charm. :-)

  9. I love the photos. That would definitely inspire me. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  10. Locations, especially mystic looking ruins are great imagination builders. :) I wish you all the luck and send prayers your way that you'll complete your projects. Writer’s Mark

  11. Wow, those ruins could inspire some amazing stories!

  12. I would love to live near ruins like that. So beautiful! Great haikus!

  13. I love visiting ruins! I nominated you for an award. If you'd like to have it, you can pick it up at my blog, Mama Diaries.

  14. Congratulations on your award! Thank you for sharing this interesting info on ruins. My sister loves this sort of thing. She' a big fan of ruins, castles, and medieval things. She even had a medieval-themed wedding.

  15. I love ruins! Around here, it's more typical for them to come in the guise of old wooden homesteads from pioneer days that remain in the mountains and plains. It takes me back to a different time. Also loved the poems!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  16. Adriana, I nominated you for an award. Please go to: to find out more.