Monday, April 8, 2013

D is for Dictator

Nicolae Ceausescu was born on January 26, 1918. He met future Romanian leader Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej in prison, and succeeded him after his death in 1965. 

In 1944, with the Axis powers starting to lose ground, followed by the Soviet invasion of Romania, Ceausescu escaped from prison. Within a year, as Romania fell under Communist rule, the young leader began his climb to power.

Since 1965 he ruled Romania according to orthodox Communist principles, being loved and hated for his regime. The resulting unrest led to the collapse of Ceausescu's regime and his execution in 1989.

This is a very short resume of the incredible historical period represented by Ceausescu's regime.

Romania is one of the few countries to execute its leaders in modern day history. And in spite of  the controversy of his regime, the trial of the Ceausescu couple and their execution is even more controversial. (Not a great way to start a new political chapter in the country's history, I'd say)

That makes you think about change and about the past. Who can guarantee change is good? Who can offer something better than the present? 

decision for all -
the end of a known winter,
the start in a spring


  1. Still have execution, maybe we all should have that, might get rid of some of these idiot polticians.

  2. I think a system like Romania's, here in the states, would keep more politicians on the straight and narrow....maybe.

    Left and Write

  3. I remember watching his execution live on Romanian TV ...