Thursday, April 18, 2013

Carpe Diem Treasure

Kristjaan came up with a new episode for his already beautiful and alluring challenge. This is called "treasure" and it requires to use someone else's haiku, a haiku that brought back to you some memories.

So, for today's Carpe Diem Treasure I've stopped at one of Basho's haiku:

where’s the moon? 
the temple bell sunk 
to the bottom of the sea
tsuki izuku / kane wa shizumeru / umi no soko
These beautiful lines brought back to my memory the visit to a salina from a few months ago. I've been fascinated by that beautiful dark place and by the salt lake equipped with boats in order to make the time there more enjoyable. Inspired by Basho (I just love his writing), remembering my trip to that salina, here's my haiku and a memory of that place:
I hope you'll enjoy this haiku, because I really enjoyed that short but beautiful trip.

I'm also adding two links to my recently published poems: 4and20poetry where my poems opens this month's edition (happy!) and to my "Sharpening the green pencil" entry. I'll render the ones from Sharpening the green pencil, since these are harder to find:
streight road to nadir -
the anchor of the past
is lost on the sky
(drum drept spre nadir -
ancora trecutului
pierduta pe cer)
day in and day out
nature watching from the window -
apart from the world
(zi dupa zi
privind natura de la geam -
distant de lume)


  1. You made me think of a night so dark -- no moon or stars -- that I walked into a tree. Beautiful poetry and congratulations on being published!

  2. Yes, I like your moonless harbor ride very much as well as Basho's profound temple bell sinking. Thank you for sharing that. Congratulations on publication of your poetry! I couldn't find your entry at the link though :(

    1. thanks, Maggie! just tested the links again and they seem to be working! Who knows... Mysterious are the ways of the internet... :) ;)

  3. I am so happy for you that you were published that's awesome. I know the feeling of being published it's a big recognition of your talent. I applaud you with your choice for a haiku by Basho. And the inspired haiku is wonderful. It brought nice memories of a moonless night in Turkey. Thank you for this treasure.

  4. Congrats indeed here at your feed, awesome to hear, and day in day out it watches my little rhyming rear.

  5. Lovely! Awesome to hear that you were published!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: