Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Blend

Back on the net from my aunty duties. Happy to have one more poem published. Catching up. Again.

April 9th - sound

music for her ears,
better than all symphony -
her baby laughing

April 10th - zoo

house full of children,
now singing "happy Birthday!" -
my domestic zoo

April 11th - underwater

underwater stones -
travelers watching the lake,
their image transformed

April 12th - clown

tears of happiness -
a clown

April 13th - miss/missing

admiring tulips
from near the garden's white fence -
missing hyacinth

April 14th - pond

swung by April wind 
cherry tree blossoms petals -
the pond in pink coat

April 15th - alley 

watching the alley,
since two centuries ago
silent gargoyle eyes

April 16th - wildflower/weed

her smile, sun colored -
snatching weeds from her garden
April morning task

April 17th - mushrooms

after short spring rain,
a blue butterfly resting 
on a small mushroom

April 18th - antique

family heirlooms,
her silver filigree rings -
her girl's antique toy

Carpe Diem
April 16th - finally spring

from the angry clouds
after a short April rain,
finally spring sun

April 17th special - lonely flower

messanger of spring
among the budding branches
a cherry blossom

wild field inscence 
scattered in the April wind -
lonely violet

this April evening
first magnolia blossom,
my sole companion

April 17th - small mountain

to dodge the spring rain
after dragging a bread crumb -
inside the anthill

April 18th - threnody

funerary song
honoring the memory
of long lasting love

under April clouds
in a cherry blossom rain
sad sky threnody

thunders and lightings -
angels' laments for their lives,
a last song for them


  1. Wow! That's an amazing collection of haikus. I'm impressed :)

  2. Congrats on your publication! Wonderful haiku here, as usual. ☺

    1. thanks, Dana! I never get bored of receiving acceptance in different magazines!

  3. Adriana, every single haiku is beautifully written and beautiful to read, regardless of the prompt. Amazing writer you are.

  4. Beautiful trail! Wonderful sign on your blog also, by the way, against the false 5-7-5 patrol!
    Hard to say which haiku has mot impact there, the middle of the threnody beautiful, and the ones featuring pink blossoms and/or pond. Looking forward to see what you do with the 'Treasure'!

  5. So you were on a roll here ... catching up isn't easy, but you did it chapeau. An awesome range of haiku.

  6. What a great set of haiku you have here. Hope you will be back with your daily entries... great.

  7. You're a haiku master! Great stuff!