Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Casa Memoriala Nicolae Ceausescu

Casa Memoriala Nicolae Ceausescu (The Memorial House of Nicolae Ceausescu)

This is the place where Nicolae Ceausescu was born and educated.

The place hasn't been altered or modified. It can easily be confused with a Romanian (National) Village Museum house. 
The interior of the house consists of two small rooms ornanted with traditional objects as if to keep Ceausescu's spirit alive, to celebrate the Romanian way of life from the beginning of the XXth century.

just like yesterday -
historical place unchanged,
mindset altered

In front of the house a statue of the former dictator has been added just a few years ago. Till then, there was nothing letting the passers-by know they're sitting in front of a place that shaped a country leader.

visiting today
I contemplate the watch guard:
statue from our past 

While there, I've taken my time on the verandah, thinking what could have been that made a country side boy grow up to become a country leader.

I'm taken aback - 
I watch what he might have watched,
I sit where he sat


  1. Oooh I'm grumpy at your computer now because I want to know what the text was going to be LOL Shall I pout? Do you think that would help?

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  2. Hope your computer gets its stuff together. What are the pictures of?

  3. Computers can sure be a pain, but still great shots at your lane and pictures are worth a thousand words anyway, right? lol

  4. Wonderful pictures!

    Computers are horrible sometimes, aren't they?

  5. you are working so hard with two challenges! great job!
    and these pictures are intriguing, filled with history!

  6. Love the pictures. Welcome to the club, my computer was playing games too... and does quite often. ;-)

  7. Great pictures.

    Sometimes technology seems to hate me.

  8. What beautiful tapestries. It's so cute and quaint.
    Dani & Jax @ Cover Girls

  9. What a charming place. You almost want to build a 'house' just like that. Yes, fill us with more text. All the best.

  10. So beautiful! I love the beautiful old furniture and wooden beams. :-D

  11. What a charming home! Can't wait for the text!

  12. Wow, that place looks amazing. Like a really good place to write ;)