Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2nd Blend

Carpe Diem
April 2nd - Aries

reading horoscopes,
calm and cool in April sun,
looking for a sign

backyard party time:
celebrating her birthday,
she makes spring look dull

April 2nd - empty

under night lanterns
I wander contemplating 
empty city streets

Haiku Heights
April 2nd - butterfly

blue butterfly wings
emerging from their cocoon -
spring moon for guidance

spring love momories:
shyly, the boy relives his
butterfly-light kiss

Poetic Asides, Writer's Digest
April 2nd - bright/dark

a moment ago
the sun ceded place to clouds -
world from bright to dark


Title: The Faerie Prince
Author: Rachel Morgan
Publication Date: May 30th 2013
Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale is just weeks away from one of the most important occasions of her life: graduation. After messing up big time by bringing a human into the fae realm, Vi needs to step up her game and forget about Nate if she hopes to graduate as the top guardian of her year. Everything would be fine if she wasn’t forced to partner with Ryn, her ex-friend, ex-enemy, current ‘sort of friend’. They might be trying to patch up their relationship, but does she really want to spend a week undercover with him for their final assignment? On top of that, the possibly-insane Unseelie Prince is still on the loose, free to ‘collect’ as many specially talented faeries as he can find—and Vi is still at the top of his list. Add in faerie queens, enchanted storms, complicated not-just-friends feelings, and a murder within the Guild itself, and graduation is about to become the least of Vi’s problems.
Aren't these great?
Go visit Rachel to learn more about her writing!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing some of your A to Z blog space with my new cover :-)

  2. Hello, Adriana! Wonderful poems and so perfect for National Poetry Month! I haven't yet looked at Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides blog to see what the Poem-A-Day Challenge prompt is today. I participate in that, too, every April to stretch my writing muscles!

    Congrats to Rachel! Her novel's cover is awesome.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  3. Finely crafted butterfly haiku. I enjoyed all your poems, Adriana

  4. Looking for signs sometimes (or maybe oftentimes) proves futile, does it not?

  5. Reliving those early, innocent (!) kisses is a pleasure.


  6. I like the book cover and enjoyed the poems.

    I'm so glad to have found your blog. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z challenge" and I look forward to visiting again!


  7. I love your haikus. Empty is my favorite for today. :-)

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  8. Wow! I especially enjoyed revisiting my first 'butterfly-light- kiss!

  9. Making spring look dull is quite a feat, and as said at another zoo that cover is great to view.

  10. "Butterfly - light kiss" that's magical !!!

  11. What Green speck just said. I like it, too.

  12. Such a richness of haiku imagery. So delightful. I'm really glad we met and I can read all this!

  13. Adriana,
    I like how you combined a number of prompts into one. I did the same to make sure I stay on top of the prompts. Terrific haiku.