Thursday, February 21, 2013

Haiku Heights, #209 Sugar Haiku

under summer sun,

gathering my dreams of love

acacia sweet scent

Written for Haiku Heights, #209 SUGAR

I've just discovered Haiku Heights and I had to sign for it.

This week I've been editing and proofing the haiku I've selected for publishing. It's fun to re-read my old poems, especially the first ones. Some I don't even remember writing. Others are burned in my mind because of the circumstances and powerful memories accompanying them.

I've also been planning and documenting my materials for A to Z Challenge. I've chosen my theme and I've decided on format - it took a while because I wanted to combine too many things and didn't know how. But I have a good feeling about it now. I'm not saying more for now.

This weekend I'm going in the country side, take a break from PC and technology. I might even take some pictures of acacia trees in winter!


  1. Have a wonderful break from technology! I need one, too. I've been glued to the comp for work for days. Lovely haiku.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. Thank you Shannon! I really needed a break and it starts offically in 20 minutes from now!

  2. mmmm, this is lovely Adriana. The acacia is my favourite tree with such an intoxicating fragrance.