Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busy Month, February 2013, Insecure Writer's Support Group

 After stopping by Alex J Cavanaugh's and Christine Rains' to read their posts I felt i could write one too. One in which to put the good and the bad of my writing.

Before finding A to Z Challenge through Christine's blog I've been making minimum efforts in writing, waiting for inspiration to stop by and sing to me the words to be put on the paper. But after seeing how motivated others were, I've changed direction:

I've decided to make the most of this month and use it to write as much as possible.

I'm doing NaHaiWriMo - 1 haiku per day.
Besides that daily themed haiku I try to write at least 3 more, for future publishing. I already have about 600-700 haiku in Romanian and English and around 400 poems from all my years of writing. I won't even mention the tens of fiction projects started but unfinished.

On February 4 and 5 I've entered in "The Overcoming Adversity" bloghop hosted by Nick Wilford who raised materials for an anthology. I've contributed with some Haiku and a Flash Fiction piece - I haven't really written a story in a long while, so it was about time to do so.

I've also found a meme that involves posting pictures, Our World Tuesday and I wanted in it, too because Photography is a hobby. Everybody can join. Just go to the page and read about it.

I've entered Indie-Kissing Bloghop that takes place on February, 14 and already have the scene for this one. I've suddely found myself inspired and knew what I wanted to write. It was done in less than three hours, but it still needs editing. You can still enter, the list is open.

Also on February 14 I'll do another Blogfest, Vampire Bite. I already have the story in mind but it will take a few days before I'll put it on paper/PC because right now I'm busy finishing a short story I've started and decided it must have an ending. After that I really want to add 3000 more words to an essay I've started and must find its ent too by the end of the month. By the way, this blogfest is also still opened for entries.

You might wonder why I put all this info here, while blogging for NaHaiWriMo,  all those blogfests I signed for and networking for A to Z Challenge.

It's quite simple: it's public, I have to keep working on it. I can't abandon it. If I tell people I'll do something, I really have to do it. It's compulsive.

So this post isn't to brag with all my project and busy days, but to let you know what to shame me for if I don't keep my promisses and don't do as I've said.

What better way to accomplish your tasks than make them public? Either someone might help you - not the case here, I want to be all me - or you have to do it.

It might seem much. I think it's much. But this is the best way to find and push my limits and be productive: tons of work under deadline.

Now, for the Insecure Writer's Support Group:

I'm glad when receiving messages and comments for my articles, haiku and fiction. It's a new feeling that encourages me more.

I'm happy that I've found something to keep me motivated. Actually some things:
A to Z Challenge
Insecure Writer's Support Group
Bologhops, Blogfest and Memes

You've made me decide some of those hundreds of poems forgotten in my notebooks and files on computer.


  1. I wanted to do that indie kissing blog hop, but it falls on the wrong day for me. I guess I could always switch my blogging day for the one week just so I can participate. :D

    1. Why not? That day I'll be doing 3 posts: NaHaiWriMo - haiku, Indie-kissing and vampire bite.

      My goal is that this February to get close to the total number of my last year's posts number.

  2. This is exactly how I started out when I began blogging two years ago. Once I tried a bit of everything, I figured out how to make it all work. Keep pushing and you'll find yourself doing things you never thought possible. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I kind of know what I want and I want a lot! the difficult part is to get there. But as I just said, I'll push the limits and force myself a little, out of my comfort zone and I'll eventually get there.

      I plan to publish some of my poems for a start - I already have more than 600 unpublished haiku and now I'm researching trends, selecting and arranging.

      i've been writing for a while, just that I didn't try to publish.

  3. I completely agree! There's no better motivation for working toward a goal than telling others about it. It really helps.

    Good luck with all your writing projects. :)

    1. Thank you, I hope I'll soon get to do what I have in mind for the writing and publishing part. Good luck with your projects, too.

      May we both become very successful authors! And soon!