Friday, October 21, 2011

Simple love

A long time ago
You were my hope,
You were my guiding light,
Into the night, into this world.
But you became a stranger.
You aren’t you anymore;
You’re changing every moment,
Pending between happiness and sore.

A long time ago
You were my friend,
Sharing everything, though,
At that time, I didn’t understand.
Then it was quiet and simple, just the way it was...
Now... there are complicated riddles
And there’s so much fuss!

A long time ago
I was in love with you
Just the way you were in love with me.
And till I realized that, everything was simple:
You and I were friends and we were glad.
Today, that I know how I really feel,
Gladness almost disappeared,
Pain and worry are filling me up:
Sweet, innocent love from the beginning
Slowly took my hope, switched off the light,
And let me crawling and longing;
I’m bleeding by myself,
Wandering alone into the night.

Question: Too dark? Too sad? Too tragic?

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