Saturday, August 10, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Enjoying my coffee under August sun

I'm one of those persons who can't start the day without coffee - it's more than a ritual, it's my first great moment of the day. 

And since today I'm not working on my usual stuff, but to the outline that I started yesterday (3.5 K in one day - yay!) though I was planning to take a break this weekend, I'll need at least a double dose of coffee to finish what I started. I think it will go around 8-9 K. I'm exited about it - it has vampires, action and shy love and big mouths - I was smiling the entire time I was writing (I think that's a good sign). 

I've figured the world, the characters, (still thinking about the setting), the timeline (one of my least favorite things) and I've also figured out why I can't finish what I start - that damn voice. All these were brewing inside my mind during the last week or so, and now I caved in and put everything on paper (yeah, paper and pen for outlining). So this new thing is an experiment till now, but works better than what I usually do, so I have high hopes (not that you couldn't tell by all this babbling).

And though I'm not usually sharing what I'm working on, since I'm so so crazy happy with this, I'll share a two line exchange  between the main characters.

"I wish you'd do what I asked you to."
"Well, it's not the magical time of Christmas when wishes come true. And I'm not a genie. I don't do wishes."
Want to play along? All that's necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words. For more information, try clicking here. Feel free to explain or not explain. Add an image, a video, a song, nothing. I love seeing what everyone does with their entries.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. yes on the coffee, please. Sadly, though, not so productive with the writing at present.

  2. A promising start, both the coffee and your writing!

  3. Everyday goes better when you start off with coffee. :) Good luck with your writing today!

  4. A double dose, eh? Hope it doesn't make you feel too scattered.

    My 6ws is here:

  5. Not a genie, damn, there goes my hope haha and don't drink coffee at my sea

  6. good for you on your writing! Coffee probably helps a bit! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. My daughter has just written her first piece of fiction and she loved the process. She said she often found herself laughing out loud as she typed her story!

    I am glad you have enjoyed it too!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  8. I liked your fiction... great humor:) really love the color of the flower.

  9. It's tea for me - need that to charge up the batteries! Good luck with your writing.

  10. I have NEVER drank a cup of coffee. I tried it once when I was a kid and it tasted so bad that I never touched it again. I do drink herbal tea daily.