Friday, May 11, 2012


(My  reality)

You don’t see it, but I do
And you want to see it, too.
Still, I want to keep it just for me
And keep pretending it’s poetry.

You look around, but you don’t see.
It’s nothing, it’s nowhere;
I see a shadow, hear a whisper
And take all these as true and fair.

You don’t feel it, but I do.
And you want to feel it, too.
Still, I want to keep it personal...
I’m dreaming and hoping not to fall.

You look around. Still, you don’t see.
Though it’s everywhere, it’s just for me.
I see the shadow, I hear the wisper...
It charms me and I accept it as my reality.

First published in "Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly" in 2011, the November issue. It also appeared in the annual anthology "From the Heart", 2011, December.

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